TrueBeam: The Best Treatment Option for Even the Most Complex Cancers

The TrueBeam radiation therapy system is an advanced linear accelerator that allows us to treat even the most complex cancers. It works with ease, precision, and speed. Many of these treatments take only a few minutes a day.

TrueBeam’s sophisticated architecture synchronizes imaging, patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping and dose delivery, down to the millimeter. The system performs accuracy checks every ten milliseconds throughout treatment.

When it comes to cancer treatment, trust is very important. We take it seriously. In order to gain trust, customer service is very important. As those that work in radiation oncology, we know that cancer treatment can be very scary. Moreover, we understand that it can induce a lot of anxiety. We recognize that such fear and anxiety have to do with what people or their family members may have experienced in the past.

When you come here, Dr. Morrell and her team want to make the process very smooth, very easy, and extremely comfortable for you.

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The TrueBeam™ Radiation Therapy System by Varian

CenterPoint Radiation Oncology: TrueBeam and Technology

TrueBeam delivers therapy faster, with lower x-ray dose, quiet operations, enhanced communication with clinicians and music capabilities. For patients, this means a more comfortable, soothing treatment process, less time on the treatment table, fewer side effects and minimal damage to surrounding, healthy tissue.


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